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Michigan Tech Evaluations

2019 MTU Executive Presentation

The role of ephemeral stratification, anoxia, and entrainment in mediating spatiotemporal trophic state dynamics in a Lake Michigan drowned river mouth system.

2019 MTU Executive Summary

Water Quality Studies, Mathematical Modeling and Recommendations for Trophic State Management in Mona Lake, Michigan

2017 MTU Plan

Model Parameters and Sampling Strategy

2017 MTU Results and Recommendations

Know Your Lake: Mona Lake Trophic State as Mediated by Physics, Biogeochemistry and Loads


Addressing Blue Green Algae Problems

In light of concerns over blue-green algae (BGA) blooms, the Mona Lake Watershed Council put together the following information to educate the public regarding BGA issues.

Blue Green Algae In The News

A Collection of Blue Green Algae Chronicle Articles

Pollutants in the Mona Lake Watershed

There are several pollutants found in various parts Muskegon County that can impact human and environmental health. Most of these pollutants are remnants of old manufacturing processes or oil production from the early 1900s. Several pollution hot spots are in various stages of clean-up, still others need attention. Following is a list of materials of most concern found in the Mona Lake Watershed.

Educational Materials Available from the Mona Lake Watershed Council

This project has been funded wholly or in part by the United States Environmental Protection Agency under the assistance agreement to the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality.

In the Media

Mona Lake Celery Ponds Receive Federal Funding for Fisheries Restoration

From: Don Trygstad, Chair of the Mona Lake Watershed Council – Mona Lake Watershed Council has been working for years with various partners to return the Celery Ponds to a beneficial wetland. We are excited to support the efforts of the Muskegon County Water Resources Commission with the NOAA grant. Please direct your questions to Commissioner Brenda Moore or Deputy Commissioner Dallas Goldberg.

Eighty-four years after the alteration of former wetlands along Black Creek and Mona Lake, the Muskegon County Water Resources Commissioner’s office is focusing on restoration with federal funds.