Mona Lake Watershed Management Plan

The Mona Lake Watershed encompasses a relatively small area of approximately 200 km2 or 45,570 acres, and is located almost entirely within Muskegon County, except for a small section in the northeastern corner that is located in Newaygo County. A watershed is an area of land in which all the rainfall and snowmelt from that area drains to the lowest point, usually a stream
or lake. For the Mona Lake Watershed, all rainfall and snowmelt drains to Mona Lake, via several creeks and small tributaries. Watersheds historically had a natural pollution filtering system, by way of its soils, grasses, trees, and aquatic plants, and the watershed provided needed habitat for plants and animals. As more and more people inhabit watersheds, pollution is increased and the filtering capacity of the watershed is decreased. Pollutants are carried by wind and runoff from rain and snowmelt from the land surface to the water. This results in impaired water quality of the streams and lakes, a loss of native plant and animal
species, an increase in non-native plants and animals, and an overall reduction in the quality of the environment.

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