Black Creek Flow-Through Filter Marsh

This project entails the construction of a 102-acre flow-through filter marsh designed to restore hydrologic function in Black Creek. It will provide flood storage and capture both phosphorus and sediment loading from 20 square miles of upstream agricultural runoff. The culmination of several county drains will be diverted into the proposed marsh.  Storm water runoff will be treated by the marsh before discharge into Black Creek.

This project was the highest priority strategy outlined in the Mona Lake Watershed Council’s Watershed Management Plan. The marsh is expected to reduce sediment loading in Black Creek by 6 tons per year and phosphorus loading by 1,005 pounds per year. The site is located on Muskegon County Wastewater Management System property.

Project design was funded by the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality. MDEQ also spearheaded a grant to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency who funded project construction. Engineers at Duck’s Unlimited designed the marsh and will oversee its construction. Muskegon County Wastewater User’s group, Muskegon County and the Office of the Drain Commissioner are also critical partners in this project. Once completed, the marsh will be incorporated into a county drain and will be monitored and maintained by the county and the Drain Commissioner’s Office.
Black Creek Flow-Through Filter Marsh
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